Saturday, June 10, 2006

Welcome to Pearl's Gleanings

Greetings to all who happen upon my humble blog. This is the blog of Lydia P. W. (try a guess at what my middle name is). Herein I plan on posting things that relate to my life as a young Christian lady. I will post things that I "glean" from other's writings that I have enjoyed, things that I write and want to publish, and things on homemaking, sewing, quilting and other girlie stuff. I also want to encourage other young ladies to be feminine, godly women. I invite all to comment on anything I write here. I would like to know if anyone really reads my blog.

Another reason for starting this blog is to practice writing. So if you happen to notice any grammatical problems or bad writing, feel free to comment on it. You could probably find quite a bit right here in this post. I do hope to improve though. "Practice makes perfect."

I hope to post something every Tuesday and maybe something on Saturdays as well. Hope you enjoy my little place here. Keep checking in and you may even want sign up on change alarm to get updates when I add something.

Well, that is all for now. Stay tuned for more!

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Wilwerdings said...

My dear Lydia, what a good writer you are! The only advise I have is to be sure to use the spell check before publishing. In fact, you might want to go back and edit your posts for spelling. It is something I often forget to do, too. Have you e-mailed your girlfriends about your new blog? They would be the first ones to access it on purpose. You might also mention it on any forums you read regularly which have young women contributing.