Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spugeon: Heir of the Puritans, a book review

In my life time I have not read many biographies, so now that highschool is out of the way they are at the top of my book list. First off was Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Learning about this great preacher was not only interesting, but inspiring. His humble devotion to Christ and His gospel was the one thing that crowned his life.

Starting at very young age he was being educated in the Puritans as well as reading many of the great classics. But the most interesting part of his early education to me was the part his single aunt and mother played. Because of some unfavorable circumstances (we are not sure what those might have been) at the age of one year his grandparent took him in and raised him until the age of six. Here is what is said concerning his aunt:
Ann Spurgeon, the unmarried daughter of the household, was seventeen when Charles came to them. She was, by all accounts, a radiant young girl of a lovely spirit, and she came to have chief charge of the newcomer.She taught him his letters (she was proud of this later on!) and she encouraged in him that irresistible gift of fun that was so marked in his character in latter years.

Isn't this a testimony to the fact that a young woman serving her home and family isn't just wasting her time, but investing it in the lives of those she loves?

His mother also played an influential part of his early years. By praying for him and teaching him in the Scripture she truly did raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

The story goes on to tell the rest of the life of this godly man, but I will leave this for you to discover. I really hope that if you have the chance that you read this book; you will be greatly blessed and hopefully changed.

Spugeon: Heir of the Puritans by Ernest W. Bacon is available at Christian for $6.49.

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This looks like a really good book.
I will have to look in to getting it! I really like your reviews! :)