Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Young Women and Higher Education

Living On a Dime, an e-newsletter about frugal living, had a very good article by Jill Cooper today about blindly following the crowd. I thought she made a good point here about college.
"They" say you have to pay to send your children to college so they can become a success and make a lot of money. When did "they" come up with the idea that going to college makes a person successful? How many parents have accrued $40,000 in debt for their son or daughter's degree, only to find the student working in a field that has nothing to do with his degree? Certainly, a college education can be a useful tool, but it is one that is wasted if the student doesn't need it or fails to use it.
I really puzzle over girls who desire to be full time wives and mother in the future that spend all their money and time gaining a college education that they only use for a few years, if even that. Then they get married and have children and don't know how to successfully run their households. Shouldn't we gain the knowledge of homemaking and child care in our single years if our desired "career" is motherhood?

Just because you stay home and focus on learning to be a homemaker doesn't mean we can't pursue higher education. There is so much education out there that can be gained outside of college and cost a lot less. I am amazed at how much I can learn simple by reading.If you can build good study skill there is an unlimited range of subjects you can study and learn. For instance: the subjects I am studying this year are writing (using my brother's old college books), fashion design, social studies (politics, economics, education, ect.), natural healing, nutrition, art and music. These subjects do not take up all my time though, but are incorporated into my daily routine of cleaning, cooking and helping my family in various ways. I am also taking time in morning to read books on spiritual subjects and in the evening to read books concerning my place as a woman.

Don't think inside of the box, but explore the things that interest you and will aid you in the future. Ask the Lord what He would have learn in the years after high school and pursue those things.

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You have some really good thoughts here Lydia. I know what you mean, we can learn a lot by reading. Thanks for sharing!