Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Five Things I Love (to do)

I have several things that I love so I thought I would put a twist on the list and do things I love to do (especially when I am under stress).

1. Pray and Read God's word.
This week I have had a little trial and this has been my life line. God is so good to me.

2. Make something with my hands.
Sewing, crochet, card making, knitting, cross-stitch, ect., these all bring me an great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

3. Play the piano.
My favorite way to relax. I love to improvise hymns and play hymn arrangements. I enjoy classical pieces as well.

4. Fellowship with like-minded people.
I always come away refreshed and encouraged after spending time with other families of like mind. What a blessing!

5. Ride my bike or walk in beautiful surroundings.
Usually this is with my dad. Three or four nights a week we go for a bike ride on the back roads around our house. West Michigan is a beautiful place to live and right now it is in full leaf and bloom. I always return home feeling rejuvenated.

Now I get to tag four people to list their own five things they love (excluding family).

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Emily (She isn't blogging yet, but she told me she would soon. So this is for her when she gets online.)=)
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Under Southern Skies said...

It was interesting to read what you like. Thanks for taggin me, I might do it...


Thank you for tagging me Lydia! Your Mom also tagged me for this. :) Hopefully I can get it done soon! :)

By the way I have tagged you for a "book meme" over on my blog. :)

~Emily :)