Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten P’s in a Pod: Book Review

A family on a mission: that describes the ten members of the Pent family in this humorous, but inspiring story. It was a mission that included traveling over a million miles, lots of faith, family unity, and consistent leadership. The rewards? A treasure laid up in heaven of many sons brought unto glory, and plenty of treasure left here on earth; including a book that will bless and encourage you as you build a vision for your family, present or future.

They were by no means your average American family from the 1950’s, in fact they named themselves “The World’s Most Unusually Family”. What made them so unusual? They were pioneers of home schooling (before the word was even in anyone’s vocabulary), they traveled singing and preaching the Gospel, and lived by faith not by bread alone but by the Word of God. Their father’s devotion to God’s word, not only for himself but for his family as well, was the sustaining force of their lives. He knew that the Scriptures were able to make his children, and all who heard them, wise unto salvation. As they traveled all those miles they had a great time and learned to love God and each other in a deep and meaningful way. Arnold and Persis Pent may have never been able to give their children much in the way the world’s wealth and success, but they gave them things much more meaningful. They trained them in the way of the Lord, the way that they should go, and gave them a life full of experiential faith and love.

When I started reading this book I was seeking to find a vision for my future family that would truly glorify God. I doubt I could have found a better book outside of God’s word to give me such a vision. I was challenged, encouraged and all around inspired to be more devoted to God and His Word. I hope that if I ever have a family of my own that we can live by the principles of God’s word as the Pent family did, but I hope as well, by God’s grace, to start living more fully by them now. This book was a real blessing to me and now ranks up there with my favorite books. I think that if you read it you will find it just as much a blessing.

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Jackie said...

This is also my favorite book. I especially like the way he voices his and his family's convictions.