Monday, July 16, 2007

Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Love cannot mistake

This quote from Heaven Opened was a real encouragement to me today.

"The steps of a good man, and of a good woman too, are ordered by the Lord. Here is a rich consolation for you and me too. I sincerely believe that there is not one circumstance which has happened to us but was in that covenant ordered in all things and sure. Bless the Lord for so sweet an assurance of this blessed truth. Infinite wisdom and infinite love cannot mistake. Trials, losses, crosses - all, all were needful, and when we get home we shall plainly see how wisely they have been ordered. Let us, then, leave our concerns in the best possible hands. He will do all things well for us, and in us, and by us. We are His and He is ours. What need we fear?" - Mary Winslow

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What a great post. :)

Praise the Lord that He is in control, we need only to trust and rest in Him!
I've often thought about this. Even seemingly little things that happen in our lives, the Lord is Sovereign over all, He does direct our steps.

"Bless the Lord for so sweet an assurance of this blessed truth." Amen.