Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Daily Bread

I baked bread today. This isn't my normal baking day, but due to the heat Monday (my normal baking day) I waited till today. Now the weather is so gourgeous it is almost like a clear fall day. I am enjoying it while it last because by Monday it is suppose to be hot again... sigh. Anyway, here is the "new" recipe I tried today. It isn't new to me because I have made it numerous times when I was a mother's helper. This is the first time I made it at home. I remember that it never lasted long among Mrs. E-'s family of seven children, five of which were boys. Enjoy!

Bread or Rolls

3 c.flour
2 T. yeast
2 t. salt

In large bowl combine:
2 c. boiling water
1/4 c. butter (1/2 c. for rolls)
3 T. honey (6 T. for rolls)

Let sit until it is about 120 degrees. Stir in flour mixture. Continue adding flour (up to 3 c.) until stiff enough to knead. Knead 10 minutes. Let rise till doubled. Punch down, shape, and let rise again. Bake at 350 for 14 minutes (rolls) or 30 minutes (bread).



This looks wonderful! Bread making is probably my favorite baking item. I love tying out new recipes.:) Do you use whole wheat flour in this recipe?

Lydia said...

Hi Emily,
Thanx for reading my blog.
I use almost all whole wheat flour in this recipe with maybe a cup or two unbleached white flour to make it lighter. You'll love this bread!

sarah said...

It looks very yummy, I'll have to try making it sometime. I really like your blog!