Friday, December 07, 2007

Frugal Friday - Cheap Rentals

Crystal did her Frugal Friday post this week on Family night. This reminded me of what a great deal we have been able to find on movies for our family night.

We watch a movie nearly every Friday night (we sometimes play games instead). We used to get them from our library and pay $1 a piece for them, but now we have a $3/month subscription to Netflix (we signed up for their free trial then canceled it, then they sent us this offer). This has been a great blessing because there is such a huge selection that you can find nearly every movie ever made. You can also watch some online which has been nice for when we get a movie that we really didn't like. We have been able to find lots of Christian films, movies from classic authors such as Dickens and Austen, and new releases like Amazing Grace. It is much easier to find a clean movie this way then going to our local movie store or even our libraries not to mention much less expensive.


Lady Why said...

We love Netflix too! It has saved us a fortune from late fees and driving to the video rental store, etc.


Your library actually charged money to check out videos?
Our library has a pretty good selection, but after awhile it does get hard to find any good videos that we haven't watched already. Netflix sounds like it would be a good deal.

Angela Walker said...

Netflix is good, but there are online DVD rental programs for strictly Christian and family-friendly films. Try - they have a DVD rental program.

Lydia said...

We have been able to find every Christian movie we have wanted on Netflix, there has hardly been a movie we have wanted that we couldn't find. Also, although a Christian web rental may be safer none are $3 a month. So we are just willing to be diligent in what we rent,and if we get a bad one we just shut it off and send it back. I do like websites like
Cleanflix ( a movie editing company) but we can't afford $20/month subscription.