Monday, December 24, 2007

More Chistmas Presents

I had so much fun making these gifts from some fleece scraps that a friend gave me. I made three sizes for my three baby cousins 3 and under. Great way to use up scraps from other fleece projects.

This one is for the three year old girl.
This one is for the 2 year old girl.

And this one is for the one year old boy.

To make the fringed scarves cut 2 strips of fleece of complementing colors and sew together down the center. Then cut fringes every inch on each side to the seam line. Next tie first fringes color 1 with color 2 on each side, then color 1 with color 1 and color 2 with color 2. Repeat across entire scarf alternating ties like above.

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Wow, these are really pretty Lydia! I like all the colors! :) I've never tried making anything with fleece before.