Friday, March 14, 2008

Boiling the Perfect Egg

In my family boiled eggs are a favorite. We use them in egg salad, deviled eggs, potato salad, or just plain with a little salt. So over the years we have tried several different techniques to make it easier to prepare and to get optimum results. Here is the process I have come up with to get the perfect hard egg.

You will need:

6 eggs (the older they are the easier the shell comes off)

1.Gently crack each egg to get an hair-line crack and place in large sauce pan.

2. Pour a little oil into the cap of the bottle and pour over eggs, continue until all eggs have a thin layer of oil on them. (See picture to left.)

3. Cover eggs with cold water and heat to a boil over high heat.

4. When it comes to a rolling boil set a timer for six minutes.

5. After six minutes remove from heat and cover. Set the timer for another six minutes and let pan sit.

6. After timer goes off drain eggs and immediately submerge in ice water. Let sit until ice melts. Drain and store in refrigerator until thoroughly chilled.

7. To shell simply crush shell and slip off . By cracking the eggs and pouring oil over them it creates a slick surface between the egg and the shell, which makes it so much easier to shell than traditionally boiled eggs.


Jackie said...


Thought I might share this encouraging web site with you if you weren't familier with it already:


Maria Pauline said...

Interesting, I might just have to try this.


I wonder if this would help on fresh eggs as well? Our eggs are about as fresh as you can get them, right from the coop. :)

By the way, you have been awarded the Blogging with a purpose award, details on my blog. :)

~Emily :)

Lydia said...

For fresh eggs I have read that it is better to wait a couple days if you want to boil them. I read about that in the Encyclopedia of Country Living, she explains how it all works.

Bethanie said...

this will help- thanks