Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Joy of Digital Photography: A Review

Photography is not just a mindless thing you do to freeze a scene, it is an art and logical process by which you can capture a picture that interprets the mood and importance of a scene. In The Joy of Digital Photography Jeff Wignall teaches you (the novice) how to harness the power of photography the way the professionals do. And his style isn’t boring either; rather, he brings out the joy of photography in a fun, yet thorough way.

Set up in a topic-by-topic format, this book leads you through all the dynamics of taking great pictures whether you are using a small compact digital or an expensive SLR. Some of the topics include are: choosing a digital camera, designing compositions, getting good lighting, people photography, capturing nature and tweaking you shot in a computer software to get the best resulting print. On every page you will see exceptional photos to illustrate and guide you through the process. After reading this book you will be thoroughly informed on how to capture those special moments in your life and the beautiful world around you.

I have always been one of those people that took mediocre pictures, normally nailing my subject to the middle of the frame, now I will never look a photography in the same way. After only reading a few sections I was surprised at how much my pictures had improved. Now instead of just flipping through my pictures they actually held interest and communicated meaning. Also I was able to learn how to use all those confusing features on my digital camera and how changing settings would improve certain settings. This book was launching pad for me, it inspired me to pursue photography as a lifelong hobby and art; and in our digital age it is easier and cheaper than ever to get started.


Maiden Of Virtue said...

Thank you for participating in Tuesday Talks at Stay-At-Home Daughters!

I love photgraphy- this is a book I will definitely have to read!

Thanks for the recommendation!

Flibbertigibbet said...

This sounds like a great book! My family is always trying to improve our photography skills!

We may just have to get this one.

Thanks for posting on "Tuesday Talks!"


This sounds like a good book, photography is so much fun! Thanks for the review Lydia!

WendyJanelle said...

Ohhh, thank you for recommending this. I LOVE digital photography, but have been disappointed with some of my recent pictures. Maybe this will get me going again.
The photo on your post is wonderful!!