Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To Be Like Thee

Oh Jesus Christ, in self-despair
I come to Thee! Hear Thou the prayer
Laid at Thy feet; I leave it there --
To be like Thee!

Turn out the darling bosom sin,
The love of self that rules within,
My earnest longing let me win --
To be like Thee!

O let me see Thy lovely face,
O let me hear Thy words of grace,
In Thine own image grow apace --
To be like Thee!

O Gentle, Sinless, Undefiled,
Ev'n in Thy Justice meek and mild,
Help me, Thy loving, longing child --
To be like Thee
--Elizabeth Prentiss


Inspired said...

Where was this taken from? I like books etc, written by Elizabeth Prentiss, and am curious.

Lydia said...

I got this poem from a book of her poems called Golden Hours. I also have enjoyed her books and have found her poetry very inspiring. She also wrote the hymn More Love to Thee.