Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beautiful Snowy Morning

It is winter wonderland here. I thought I would share some pictures I took breathlessly this morning. The sun isn't going to last though, more snow coming this morning!

Knee deep snow - literally.

Iced Black River behind our house.
Rose bush.


Under Southern Skies said...

Lydia, it is so so beautiful! You are making me miss the snow so much! I wish we could have made it up there this year. It looks like there is a lot of land behinf your house, do you go back there very often?


What pretty pictures! It must be fun having so much snow, it's beautiful!

Lydia said...

All that land behind the rose bush is mostly frozen pond. And the woods are lining the river next to our house. We do go walking in the woods beyond the pond and on dirt roads back there. Very nice. Wish you were here!

Jessica said...

Pretty! It snowed here yesterday but not very much.

Jackie said...

Hi Lydia,

We haven't had snow for a couple of weeks... more on Sunday-Wednesday. The last snowfall was 4". It would be pretty rare to have your knee deep snow in our area! Ü


Maria Pauline said...

Beautiful pictures! I really like the one of the rose bush with the sun behind it. Isn't God's creation marvelous?

Maria Pauline