Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting Started with Card Crafting

Card making is one of my favorite pastimes;it is relaxing and fun, and the end product is something you can share with your friends. But if you have never ventured into the paper crafting realm getting started may be a little daunting. So here is my summary of the basics to get you started.

1. Get your creative juices flowing!
The best thing to get you going is seeing what lovely things are available and what can be done with them. I would suggest visiting your local library and borrowing some books and magazines on card making. My favorite is Paper Crafts magazine, but there are others that are great too, whatever you can find.
2. Get your supplies!Check around your own house first, you may be surprised at how much can be used to make cards: buttons, lace, ribbon, old blank note cards ( to re-cover), decorative paper, edging, staples and what-not. Then you can make a trip to the craft store or even your local Wal-mart. I have a few items in my my aStore that you may find helpful too. I buy nearly all my stuff from Hobby Lobby (if you sign up for their weekly e-ad you will get notices when they have 1/2 off sales, which is about every couple months), especially my stamps because they sell many scripture and religious stamps and you can't beat 1/2 off!
Here is a short list of some basics:

Decorative Paper
The cheapest way to get paper is to buy the BIG stack for half off, 180 sheets for $9.99, but if you want to hand pick your patterns get the by-the-page ones.

I use the text stamps the most; the new way I have been buying stamps is clear unmounted, this means you buy as many clear stamps as you want and one mounting block to fit them and you can just stick them on to the block to use, clean it and peel off to store.
Ink Pads
Black is the most use but a few other colors are fun to use also.

Card Stock
This is to make your cards, one 8 1/2x11" page makes two cards. You can also buy this by-the-page, I like to keep a variety of colors on hand.


You can buy these at the store, a thrift store, or make your own using a template.

Glue Stick
An absolute necessary! White glue will warp your paper.

Sharp Scissors
I guess that is a no brainer.

You may also find these helpful:

Like I said, these you may already have but there are plenty on the market to tempt your fancy.

Paper Trimmer
You can just use scissors, but this makes it so much easier.

Exact-o Knife
This is nice to have for precision cuts.

3. Craft your cards.
Now you should be ready to put those things to work. Collect all your supplies and on a large surface lay it out and choose what you want to go into your card. If you need a starting point try using some card maps. That has really helped me, I guess you might call it "my secret". Most of all, just be creative and put together a card of all the things you love.


Bethanie said...

Thanks for the tips!


Great tips Lydia! Thanks for sharing! :) I will have to sign up for Hobby Lobby's e-ad!

CaravanSharkey said...

Just what I was hoping for. I just got a subscription to Card Makers mag and it's daunting to try to start with something as advanced (and requiring so many tools!) as the examples in the magazine. Now all I'm looking for is product comparisions for the "big tools" such as the Cricut & Cuttlebug. What they do, pros & cons.

Thank you!