Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grand Canyon: A Book Review

It (the Grand Canyon) is a solemn witness to the mighty power of God, who is not only the omnipotent Creator of all things, but also the avenging Defender of His own holiness.

This is written in the introduction of Grand Canyon: a Different View by Tom Vail, and it truly is a totally different view from what you would normally find in the Grand Canyon bookstore. Filled with glossy photographs of breathtaking views of the canyon and contributions from 23 contributors (including Ken Ham, John MacArthur, Duane Gish, and John Morris) it tells the true story of how and when the Grand Canyon was formed.

Taken from a scientific (creationist) view this book leads the reader through several essays of the stories and evidences of the Grand Canyon's formation. These are convincing arguments for the Biblical worldview of creation and the flood, against the secular atheist slant of evolution. Toward the end the author shares interesting information and pictures of the life and habitat in the canyon and how they are perfectly suited for their rocky environment. Also, included in the book is his own story of coming from being an evolutionary tour guide to knowing the Great God and Creator. Every page is supported by beautiful photographs and scriptures that inspire awe of our Creator.

Last February I had the great privilege of visiting the Grand Canyon with my three brothers. I had seen many pictures of it but they never communicated to me the size of what I was seeing. My first glance took my breath away; it just so happened that the CD in our car was playing "Our God is an Awesome God,” how fitting! After spending 4 hours and walking 10 miles on the South Rim I still hadn't had my full of it and wanted to find out more. When I saw this book in the Vision Forum Catalog I was elated and had to have it. I read it right away and wasn’t at all disappointed. I came away from this book worshiping and fearing God. Truly I can say with that song:

“Our God is an awesome God,
He reigns from heaven above
in wisdom, power and love.
Our God is an awesome God”


Under Southern Skies said...

It sounds very interesting! That must have been awesome to see it in real-life, I know that when we visted Niagra Falls for real, it was so neat!


It sounds like a really good book! Great review! :)